Audit Appeals & Defense


Guard Profits, Reduce Errors - Proactive Coding Audits

Wouldn't it be great if you had the ability to maintain the highest level of compliance while actually increasing your reimbursement rates?

You can with our comprehensive AuditGuard service.

With AuditGuard, our certified coders will provide a thorough review of your coding, billing, and reimbursement processes. Through our medical billing audits, we can identify areas of risk for your practice and even provide training for documentation techniques that could improve your workflow.

Once the audit is performed, you'll be given a detailed report and a consultation with an AuditGuard specialist. We go beyond a simple error report and actually recommend corrective actions. We can even provide the support and training to implement AuditGuard solutions.  

  • Protect Against Audits
  • Identify Charting Errors
  • Stop Under Billing
  • Improve Reimbursement
  • Detailed Reports
  • Personal, Expert Review
  • Implement Corrective Actions

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HIPAA Compliance


Protect Your Practice Against Breaches

The business of healthcare in America is changing rapidly, and so are the laws that govern this element of society. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, has transitioned its emphasis from Health Insurance Portability to Administrative Simplification (AS). The New HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule is intended to help the physician and dental practice by streamlining the processing of healthcare information and protecting the privacy of patients’ health information. 

Victory Practice Solutions is dedicated to assisting healthcare practices in implementing and maintaining a HIPAA-AS program.  Our professional staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the appropriate implementation of Federal Regulations. We focus on the specific requirements of your particular practice and can tailor a HIPAA program that demonstrates that you are pursuing a “good faith effort” to maintain compliance. We can even help resolve problematic HIPAA audits!

Victory Practice Solutions Can Help Your Practice:

  • Take the confusion out of HIPAA requirements 
  • Properly apply HIPAA requirements to your practice 
  • Maintain up-to-date awareness of the current status of HIPAA Rules 
  • Implement a compliant HIPAA program 
  • Provide appropriate level of staff HIPAA training 
  • Research and answer difficult HIPAA questions 
  • Effectively address potential HIPAA issues that periodically arise  

Over many years of providing HIPAA services to medical practices, we have developed a variety of services as well as training and support materials to help practices understand and navigate HIPAA compliance. We offer a wide variety of HIPAA services.  Let us share our experience serving thousands of doctors, nurses, dental hygienists and medical staff across the country with you and your staff. 

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