On-Site Physician Dispensing Program

Patient Convenience


Point-of-care dispensing increases patient convenience since they do not have to travel and wait for medications at a pharmacy.

Patient Compliance


Research suggests that just 60% of doctor prescriptions are filled when the patient uses a traditional pharmacy. Point-of-Care dispensing leads to significant increased clinical outcomes.

Practice Differentiation


Physician practices can set themselves apart from other practices and drugstores by offering point-of-care medication.

Additional Revenue Stream


Point-of-care dispensing creates an additional revenue stream for the clinic.

  • Comprehensive turn-key soluton to filling patients s script office visit.
  • No up-front costs
  • No inventory purchase requirements
  • Practice makes the profit on the medications they prescribe, not the pharmacies

Reduced Workload & Time


By having medications on-site, practices are able to reduce the number of calls they make and receive from pharmacies.

  • Drugs are pre-packaged, so there is no pill counting or pouring
  • Product availabilty includes over 2,500 medications inluding injectables, creams and liquids.